Our February Phlocking on the 17th raised $460.00 for our charity, PROJECT 10❤️20! It was held at Brewbakers Bar & Grill in Lenexa, KS.
The Mardi Gras theme was beautifully decorated and we had three beautiful raffle baskets. Thank You Carolyn Nicks!
We had a great turn out on the heels of our back to back Superbowl LVIII win. The room provided to us by Brewbakers was completely filled with Parrot Heads..
We had a great night of food, drinks, and conversation. The picture doesn’t show everyone who was there.
Last men standing were Lonnie & Sharon Ray and Tom & Carolyn Nicks.
Our next Phlocking will be on Friday, March 8th, at Helens JAD bar in North KCMO.
Hope to see you there.